Bulk Free to Use Indexing API For Google

Effortlessly boost your website's visibility with our powerful Bulk URL Indexing Tool, specifically designed to interface seamlessly with Google's Indexing API.

Optimize your website's online discovery and ensure your content is up-to-date in Google search results. Try our Bulk URL Indexing Tool today and experience a more efficient way to manage your online presence!

Indexing API

Key Features:

  • Bulk URL Processing: Easily submit multiple URLs to Google's Indexing API in one go, saving time and enhancing efficiency.
  • User-Friendly Interface: No need to deal with complicated code. Our straightforward interface allows for hassle-free operations.
  • Rapid Indexing: Enhance your content's online presence. Get your URLs indexed faster on Google, leading to quicker visibility and potential traffic increases.
  • Secure JSON File Upload: Securely upload your JSON file containing Google Service Account credentials, ensuring a smooth and secure connection to the Google Indexing API.
  • Real-Time Processing Feedback: Track the progress of your URL submissions in real-time, giving you immediate insights into the indexing process.

How It Works:

  1. Upload Your JSON File: Start by uploading the JSON file associated with your Google Service Account.
  2. Enter Your URLs: Input the URLs you wish to index. Our tool can handle numerous URLs simultaneously, offering you bulk processing capabilities.
  3. Submit & Track: Hit submit and watch as our tool efficiently processes each URL. Track the real-time status and receive feedback upon completion.


Yes. You can only use this tool as an indexing api for Google. It wont work with other search engines apis.

Instead of using your .JSON file, we could use our own JSON service file to establish the API connection, but in this case you would have to add our service mail as owner to your search console domain.

Considering that this would be a concern especially for users, we thought it was best to perform the operation with JSON without saving it in any way.

  1. Open the Service accounts page. If prompted, select a project.
  2. Click Create Service Account, enter a name and description for the service account. You can use the default service account ID, or choose a different, unique one. When done click Create.
  3. The Service account permissions (optional) section that follows is not required. Click Continue.
  4. On the Grant users access to this service account screen, scroll down to the Create key section. Click Create key.
  5. In the side panel that appears, select the format for your key: JSON is recommended.
  6. Click Create. Your new public/private key pair is generated and downloaded to your machine; it serves as the only copy of this key. For information on how to store it securely, see Managing service account keys.
  7. Click Close on the Private key saved to your computer dialog, then click Done to return to the table of your service accounts.

Google's Documentation: https://developers.google.com/search/apis/indexing-api/v3/prereqs

No. We do not save your JSON file. After each of your request we delete it directly. We send the JSON file you send us directly to the api and send you the response from there. We do not host any file on the server / backend.