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The rights to all kinds of text, content and images on the site belong to us (2023 (c) Cannot be used without the permission of the site owner. aims to produce content on digital topics, especially SEO, technical SEO, web development and digital marketing. will be referred to as a website in the article.

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The rights to restrict the rights of use of any content belonging to in permitted media are reserved. External users have accepted these terms from the moment they enter our website and gain access to all kinds of content within the site.

The user accepts, declares and undertakes that the rights of use and decisions regarding the content promoted or opinions expressed on the site are made by him personally, independent of the content on the site, and that and / or has no material and moral responsibility. The user cannot claim in any way that he / she has been damaged due to the information he / she has obtained on the site and that the cause is may, but not always, place external software that helps to identify the user, called harmless "cookies", on users' computers in order for them to use the site faster and to be more easily recognized. The use of cookies is a standard policy commonly used by many websites. Users reserve the right to use plugins (applications) to externally disable the use of cookies at their request. is not responsible for any material and moral responsibility arising from the relevant shutdown programs. Google adsense-based advertising models are used on our website and the ads click advertising system organized by Google is applied on our website. In the relevant advertising model, advertisements related to the sites that users have previously clicked on can be displayed to the user through our website. The user reserves the right to use external blocking programs related to these advertisements. The website has the right to record the IP address of the users and the relevant IP address in order to collect and analyze demographic information in order to identify the user. declares and undertakes that this information will never be shared with external persons, institutions and organizations. With the newsletter subscription system on the website, the names and e-mail addresses of the users are received and daily, weekly and monthly article summaries and reports are sent to them. accepts, declares and undertakes that this information will not be shared with external persons, institutions and organizations without the request of the users.

However, confidential information can be opened to third parties within the framework of the following legal situations and procedures: reserves the right to direct users to another site with banners and redirection applications / advertisements that it will place in accordance with the business policy and rules it has adopted within the domain name allocated to it. The user accepts that has no responsibility for the content and privacy policies that will encounter on the website it accesses by accessing these contents. - 03.11.2023